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Advantages of AssayXpert Kits

AssayXpert Kits are developed for use with QuantumXpert FCS Spectrometers.

The following properties make AssayXpert Kits ideal for further simpifying your fluorescence correlation spectrscopy experiments.

  • Selective Probes: AssayXpert Kits have been designed with highly selective probes and are characterized to quantify the contribution of non-specific binding.
  • Purified Probes: AssayXpert Kits contain probes that have been purified. Free dye typically makes up <5% of the labeled probe.
  • Stable Dyes: AssayXpert Kits utilize fluorescent dyes that are resistant to irreversible photobleaching and intersystem crossing.
  • Compatible Dyes: AssayXpert Kits utilize fluorescent dyes that have been thoroughly characterized in the QuantumXpert. Crosstalk between emission channels is automatically corrected using the included software analysis module.
  • Optimized Conditions: Each AssayXpert Kit has been optimized to detect the analyte of interest and buffer components are carefully controlled to eliminate sample artifacts. AssayXpert Kits come with all reagents necessary to detect the unlabeled analyte of interest and requires no fluorescent labeling by the end-user.
  • Customized Software: Each AssayXpert Kit comes with a software analysis module with a simplified, assay-specific interface.

If you want to be notified when AssayXpert Kits are available, please contact us.